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In a previous article I discussed my need for instant gratification when it comes to replicating my DC’s. I gave an example of a script that would replicate all the DC’s that are manually programmed into it.

Well, here is a solution that will find the DC’s on its own and then update each DC with its respective partner. A much simpler and elegant solution if I do say so myself!

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Microsoft has finally made some improvements to the DHCP server role with its introduction of Windows Server 2012. One of the most exciting changes being the ability to make your DHCP servers highly available!

However, upon our testing of this new feature, we found that it does not like DHCP reservations and would cause our reserved IP’s to be listed as BAD_ADDRESS in the scope. This of course prevented those PC’s from obtaining an IP address, rendering them virtually useless! This issue exists in both Load Balanced and Hot Standby modes.

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