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  3. How to improve Windows Deduplication performance:

    Windows 2012 R2 doubles dedupe speed over Windows 2012.

    Running the scheduled dedupe task in throughput mode significantly increases speed also.

    Most of the dedupe process runs on a single core, so use the highest cpu speed you have.

    Setting the server to Performance mode in Control Panel/Power Options/Performance makes an incredible difference in speed.

    Putting your dedupe volume on a raid 10 device can increase speed also.

  4. Hi there

    We’re looking at deploying dedup on a file server which is around 7TB and gradually increases. If I begin a dedup job and the drive runs very low on space, (I could extend the drive as its a vm), can the job be paused and the server rebooted? Will the job resume from where it stopped?

    • You can reboot anytime, no need to pause the job. The dedup jobs run almost constantly and can pick up where they left off.

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